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Here are my top 5 tips on buying a home.

Tip #1 Know your geography

know where you wanna live and actually get out there and drive around and see if it’s the right area for you

Tip #2 use your resources

- There are a lot of great websites and search engines that can help you pick the perfect property.. as well a buyers agent is usually built into the sale price of the listed house. so for no extra money you have a professional who’s got your back.

Tip #3 Tour at least 10 houses.

- I always Recommend touring at least 10 houses before you put an offering one. The first few houses May seduce you aesthetically but May not really have what you need.

Tip #4: write down your top 10 must haves.

- Know what your must-have’s are and what things that you can live without.

Lastly, Tip #5- you must have a checklist & rate the house from 1-10.

As you walk through a home ..have a checklist in hand.. write down the pros & cons about the house and rate that house from 1-10. 

I will link my checklist down below, feel free to use it.

at the end of a long house hunting day , all the houses are gonna blend together & it’s that checklist that is going to be a saving grace and will get you your dream home.

7 Mistakes Home Sellers Make!

3 Tips for Homebuyers

Tip #1: Get Pre-Approved

- Stay within your means

- Calculate monthly payments 👇🏼

- Should NOT be more than 28% of your gross income

(please check with your financial advisor)

Tip # 2: Work W/ a Buyer’s Agent

- visit National Association Of Realtors

Tip # 3: Creat a Wish List!

- Wants vs Needs

- Prioritize 1-10

- Need questionnaires that can help you formulate a wish list? Drop me your email 👇🏼

This is my first of many Real Estate 🏡 Videos. I must’ve taken it over 30 times with intentions of helping. 

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