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Estate Organizing & Staging

For about 5 weeks, my client and I have worked non stop to organize and stage this house.

Between shopping, donating and recycling, we have made quite a few friends in this area.

With some hard work and patience, this charming nest is now ready for a tour.


Home Staging

Turn your home into an​ irresistible property that will create a great first impression for buyers!

Lifestyle Organized offer Home Staging services at a level that suits your budget, in a flexible creative way. We can work through your house, with your furniture, room by room to make a winning first impression.

By de-cluttering and creatively rearranging items within your property it will become a beautifully staged environment for the buyers. Clever tricks with light, arranging and purchasing are just some of our approaches when staging the property in it’s best way. Home staging is known to increase profits when it comes to the time to sell.

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